Is Vaping Predominant in Baseball?, What about Cannabis Use?

Is Vaping Predominant in Baseball?, What about Cannabis Use?

November 21, 2020 0 By Norbert Melhurst

It’s true that some athletes vape and that some utilize cannabis. Today, we’re going to talk about vaping and cannabis usage in sports. For example, we’ll talk about their impact on baseball players and baseball in general.

Some athletes who vape may do it for pleasure and use e-liquids which don’t contain nicotine. You can always make your own mixture, so you know exactly what and how much of each ingredient is in your juice. Making your own eliquid has become simple and easier with ejuice diy kits. Others may use cannabis in order to get high or in order to treat medical conditions. In the amateur leagues, vaping won’t be something that most coaches and sports associations frown upon, unless it’s happening during game play and this likely won’t be permitted.

With cannabis, it’s a bit different. Laws for cannabis usage are pretty strict. This means that amateur athletes who are caught using the substance illegally may be penalized.

In the Major Leagues and in other high echelons of sport, both vaping and cannabis usage are not something that most coaches are going to support. Anything which impacts the performance of athletes and the alertness of athletes is not going to be seen in a positive light.

As you probably know, baseball players have been chewing tobacco on the field for decades. This isn’t a health habit, either, but they aren’t inhaling things which might impact their cardiovascular fitness when they chew tobacco. The long-term effects of vaping are still misunderstood and that’s why most coaches aren’t going to want players to do it.

Usage of cannabis by Major League Baseball players is not permitted. It’s grounds for suspension and that’s the case with many other sports as well. A Major League baseball player, Josh Hamilton, was suspended for usage of cannabis, as well as other banned substances, including PEDs.

One former baseball player, Dirk Hayhurst, thinks that there are baseball players who perform better on the field while they are under the influence of pot. However, those who use it are risking their careers. They may be suspended indefinitely.

Many Baseball Stadiums Allow Vaping

Some, but not all, baseball stadiums allow those who come to watch baseball action to vape as they relax and enjoy games. In particular, one stadium, FirstEnergy Stadium, which is home to the Reading Fightin Phils minor league baseball team, features a Vape Lounge for its visitors to use. However, in some other cases, vaping, along with cigarette smoking, is banned completely.

Examples of stadiums which ban vaping by attendees to games and other special events include Marlin Park and the Georgia Dome. Cannabis usage at games is not permitted anywhere at this point.

If you want to make sure that you’ll be able to use an e-cigarette while you watch a game, call the Stadium and ask a representative whether or not vaping is permitted. This information may also be available at the official websites of stadiums. Chance are, you’re not allowed, but more stadiums are permitting it than ever before, so it’s worth checking.

How Does Vaping Affect Athletes?

As we mentioned earlier, the long-term effects of vaping are not fully understood. Some experts believe that it is healthier than smoking tobacco, while one controversial study showed that vaping may expose users to formaldehyde, which is carcinogenic. The study has been debunked by other experts, but it’s still out there.

Vaping may be less dehydrating than smoking and less likely to take its toll on the skin. However, most athletes don’t smoke cigarettes anyway! You won’t find too many pro athletes in any sport, from baseball to MMA to hockey and beyond, who make a habit of lighting up. Some may vape. When they do, it may or may not impact their lung capacity. Since effects of vaping are not completely understood, most people stay away from it.

Also, pro athletes need to worry about their images. They want lucrative contracts, such as promoting sports drinks or sports apparel and this means that they won’t usually partake in habits which may mar their images. In particular, since pro sports have so many young and impressionable fans, pro athletes need to be careful what they do. Vaping may have less stigma than smoking, but it may still turn off part of their fan base and turn off prospective or existing sponsors.

Effects of Cannabis on Athletes

Cannabis is currently legal for recreational usage in Washington State and in Colorado State. But is it right for athletes? Probably not, as reactions to cannabis vary so widely from individual to individual. Some find that it gives them more mental focus and endurance (for example, some hikers eat energy bars spiked with cannabis before they start their hikes), while others find that it alters mood too much and also has detrimental effects on focus and endurance.

Everyone is different. Also, a lot depends on the type of cannabis that is smoked or consumed and how much of it is smoked or consumed. In general, smoking the stuff is going to hurt your lung health and this won’t help you to excel in athletics.

Rules May Change in the Future

Now that you know more about vaping and cannabis as they relate to pro and amateur sports, you have a deeper understanding of how sports organizations and pro athletes feel about cannabis usage and vaping. In the future, rules may change and athletes may change their attitudes towards the usage of e-cigs and marijuana. For now, they aren’t something that most athletes want to use and may even get them suspended. Athletes on the pro level do get drug tested.